How Does CSR Work?

You, a detective, are seated at a long table 6 to 8 feet away from a wall on which is a huge monitor. On it are 23 rectangles like this:
It is associated with evidence item number 17, and the O on the blue background means that item is an object. Other different color rectangles have A for audio (say "Open 17" to hear), P for photo or D for document (again, say "Open 17" or V for video (you know now what to do). So saying "Open 17" displays this: ⟶
You can now say "Rotate 17 right" and "Stop 17" when you want.
With only 23 rectangles on the screen, all objects, documents, photos, etc. are yours to selectively view simultaneously, and hear, when you want.
Why are they located as they are? You decided that when you went through the steps explained at But now you can change the order when you want and as you want.You can even add items on-the-fly. And, as explained online, instantly available is much more information about each item than what you see or hear.
You are in complete control! Everything on the screen was created by you, and you can manipulate it to reflect your reasoning. And the computer simply responds to that reasoning.
Our patented methodology, including less advanced displays than cited above, increases the effectiveness of professionals of almost any type, people from executives to supervisors in large public and governmental entities, and those who run the millions of medium and small businesses.
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